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Your dog deserves exercise and socialization while you’re at work. We offer midday walks Monday through Friday to help with that. Our walking hours are between 10AM and 2PM and we will be able to give you a more accurate time depending on your location.

Currently, we service the following Dallas neighborhoods:

  • Turtle Creek/Uptown area
  • Bryan’s Place

Pack Walks

If your dog is good with other dogs and you would like for them to have a social experience during their walk, pack walks will be great for you. In order to determine if your dog is a good fit for pack walks, will start with a complimentary evaluation. If after this evaluation we think your dog might not be suited for pack walks, we can still do individual walks. Walks are around 30 minutes long.
For everyone’s safety, pack walks are limited to 6 dogs per pack.

Pricing per walk:
$22 for one dog
$26 for two dogs

Individual Walks

If your dog is not a good candidate for pack walks or you prefer for your dog to have private one-on-one time during their walk, sign up for individual walks. Individual walks are around 30 minutes long.

$25 for one dog
$28 for two dogs